Meal Delivery to Homebound Seniors


When Delivered:

The Cape Senior Center offers a home delivered, mid-day lunch each weekday Monday-Friday. The meals are delivered between 10:45 and 12:00 noon, depending on where their address would fit into the meal delivery routes.

Choice of Two Entrees:

The Center offers a choice of two entrées or main dish items each day, with side dishes that will come with either entrée automatically. A paper menu is given to each customer to complete by circling their desired main dish for each day they will be home that month and will need a meal. See this month's menu.

You can choose which days you receive meals:

Many of our customers get a meal everyday, while some get them only a few days per week. On this same menu, if there are days the customer needs to be OFF the route and does not want a meal on a given day, just put a big X on the any day, and a meal will not be delivered on that day.



If the customer drinks milk with their lunch, we can send milk as their lunch drink.


Dogs MUST be put up in another room:

If the customer has a dog, we require that they keep the dog put up in another room until a after the meal delivery volunteer has delivered the meal. On the meal routes, dogs are our greatest hurtle in getting the meals delivered.



 The actual cost of each meal is $7.00, but we ask each customer to contribute at least $4 per meal toward the actual cost of the meal. Each meal delivery volunteer team carries money bags with them, or many customer choose to send their meal money contributions for the month when they complete their menu and return it back to the senior center. Then it is taken care of for the month.

Currently we are delivering to about 200 per day, so we feel very good about being able to check on that many homebound senior adults in our community.


How to register:

There is a registration packet to complete, and that can be picked up here at our Center or we can mail or email it to you. Once we get their paperwork returned we can usually start the new customer within a day or two.

Let us know how we can help:

We would love to help you and should that be the case with you, please stop by at 921 N. Clark St. in Cape Girardeau, or give us a call at 573-335-1352.


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